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The Minnesota Association of Songwriters is a volunteer, member-supported organization.  Its mission is to inspire, educate and strengthen the songwriting and performance skills of its members through seminars, workshops, review meetings, showcases and networking opportunities, while encouraging collaboration and exploration of the creative process.

MAS meets monthly to learn about the craft of songwriting, to review and provide commentary about each other's music and to exchange information about topics ranging from song contests and conferences to legal issues and internet concerns.

Through workshops, review meetings, showcases, networking and other activities, we offer opportunities for all to strengthen their songwriting and performance skills, while encouraging collaboration and exploration of the creative process.

We invite you to join us as we explore the joys of songwriting!

"I have found MAS to be a wonderful resource in many ways:  the song reviews, the monthly meetings featuring local speakers, the song circles, workshops featuring nationally known songwriters and showcase performance opportunities have all helped me improve my songwriting skills. If you are interested in becoming a better songwriter, or just want to hang with those who do, you should join MAS."
- Linda Lee

MAS Board of Directors, 2018

President:  Mary Kealy-Falk
Vice President:  Al Ynigues
Secretary:  Mike Rudquist
Treasurer:  Kevin Bowen
Tech Director & SongCasters Producer:  Richard Schletty
SongCasters Administrative Facilitator:  Tom Engelhardt
Showcase Director:  Al Ynigues
Social Media Director:  Carl Unbehaun
Board Director - Brett Stauning



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