Monthly Meetings with Speakers and Song Reviews

The Minnesota Association of Songwriters (MAS) general song review meeting meets on the last Wednesday each month except December.  If time changes happen, they are announced in our monthly events calendar and we will post changes on the website as well.

Song Reviews at MAS Meetings

At our monthly meetings, members and guests perform songs they have written and each song is reviewed by the attending members of the group.  A discussion takes place with regard to structure, melody and lyrical content of the song.

When presenting a song for evaluation,  ask the group specifically what type of feedback you would like to receive. This  allows members to listen more closely and to focus their attention on the specific help the songwriter wants.

Please provide a copy of your lyrics for each member at the meeting (recommend you bring at least 15 copies of your lyrics).

Guest Speakers at MAS Meetings

Occasional  "mini-workshops" with music professionals from the area present their expertise at our monthly meetings.  Past presentations have included copyright law, songwriting for the theater,  becoming your own booking agent, songwriting for television & media, and many more subjects.

Guests are welcome to attend two meetings and have one song evaluated before being asked to join.


MAS wishes to thank Schmitt Music for their generosity and support in allowing us to utilize their facilities to conduct our monthly song review meetings.