Monthly Songwriting Craft Workshops

Monthly Songwriting Craft Workshop
Thursday, September 13
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Southdale Library
Third Floor Conference Room
7001 York Ave. S.
Edina, MN  55435

Along with lecture and discussion, we will all be using our own personal  "Song Checker" chart that will track line-by-line all the elements of a song we are writing and checking all the necessary pieces that go into each and every line of the song so that it conforms perfectly with all the standard components of the greatest songs of the last 50 years.

Normally we would have four sessions to complete a workshop series.  However, we are adding a 5th session to this series so we can complete the process of developing the title, first verse, pre-chorus and chorus - the most important components of any song.  So we will be starting a new series with session 1 in October.  If you want to see what the end result of attending all four sessions is, come to this one!

Although these sessions can be attended individually, you will be able to write a completed song by attending all four sessions.  Please consider making the commitment to come to all four sessions so that you can take full advantage of this songwriting opportunity.  But come just the same if you want to get a feel for an individual session.  We will always be starting a new series once we complete the current one.