MAS Affiliate Membership

MAS Affiliate Membership

Songwriters may join MAS as an "Affiliate" member. This is a membership for those who are already members of a different, local or national songwriter group, anywhere in America. This membership rate is designed to enable Affiliates to experience all of the programs offered by the Minnesota Association of Songwriters as long as they are also members in good standing with their other group.

You may apply for Affiliate Membership under the following circumstances:

  1. You are a songwriter who is a member in good standing with another local or national songwriting group.
  2. You pay the $25 fee for the Affiliate program.

NOTE: The Affiliate membership does not provide free access to MAS activities that other MAS members must pay for; e.g., professional workshops, cover charges for MAS-sponsored house concerts, literature, etc.

  1. Affiliate members who drop out of their other songwriting group may continue being members of MAS at the regular membership rate. Regular annual memberships are $35. Other rates (multi-year, lifetime, band) are also available.

The Affiliate membership would give you all of the rights and privileges of MAS membership, which include:

  • Two meetings per month
  • Personal online profile
  • A monthly songcircle
  • Workshops on the craft of songwriting and related topics
  • Knowledgeable face-to-face reviews at meetings
  • Knowledgeable and personal online reviews if you cannot regularly attend meetings
  • Live, public-performance showcases throughout the year
  • Videotaped showcases aired on public-access TV channels around America
  • Regular email notifications about events of interest tosongwriters
  • Discounts with participatingmerchants
  • Networking and/or co-writing with member songwriters

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