Student Membership

Student Members

Qualifications for and Information about Student Membership:

1. Young people aged 12 through 18 may join MAS as "student" members for $20 per year under one or more of the following circumstances:

• If they are currently participants in any school music program
• If they are currently taking music lessons
• If they join with one or more other student member(s)

Student memberships are renewable at the student rate ($20) until student members reach the age of 19. At that time (19th birthday and after), students must apply to be a regular member.

2. A student membership gives student members most of the rights and privileges of MAS membership, except participation in the SongCasters public-access television program. Student membership includes:

• Twenty-two meetings per year
• A monthly song circle
• Knowledgeable face-to-face reviews at meetings
• Knowledgeable and personal online reviews
• Regular email notifications about events of interest to songwriters
• A member-editable profile page on our MAS website (with member bio, member website links, embedded music samples and photos)
• Discounts at participating merchants
• Networking and/or co-writing with experienced member songwriters

3. Student members must pay for all MAS activities that regular MAS members pay for; e.g., professional workshops, cover charges for MAS-sponsored house concerts, literature, etc.

4. After age 19, students may continue as MAS members. Regular one-year memberships are $35. Other, longer-term rates are also available.

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