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This old member list page (from our old site) is temporarily posted for the benefit of members who would like to copy their old profile to their new Artist Profile. This page will be retired on December 31, 2018.

MAS Members

Aadland, Rebecca
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Rebecca brings you a collection of honest songs about love and loss, new beginnings and living authentically. Her edgy folk music spans styles from folk to rock to country. Her newly released album, Foreign Soul is available for sale online and at the Electric Fetus in Minneapolis, Tune Town in Mankato, and the Rhein River Art Center in New Ulm. Great harmonies, sharp lyrics, and varied instrumentation make this album a hit. Eleven superb musicians contribute their talent in comprising these all-original tracks. Instrumentation includes vocals, guitar, cello, piano, harmonica, mandolin, drums, bass & percussion.

Alcamo, Lenny
Lenny writes laid-back, folk-pop songs.

Barrett, Deb
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Deb's music preferences lean toward country with strong folk/rock influences. She has composed hundreds of songs since childhood, but no one will ever hear them again, since none were recorded. In recent years, her son encouraged her to perform and record her originals. She also keeps a notebook and regularly utilizes the audio-record feature on her cell phone to capture ideas that she can graft into songs when the muse directs. Deb picked up rhythm guitar to accompany her singing and quickly went from plinking around the campfire to performing on stage. She admires the skilled masters of instruments, absolutely adores harmony, and thus prefers to play well with others. Deb also appreciates the insight and gentle honesty of fellow MAS members during song review sessions!

Bauer, Joseph
Joe writes a variety of types of music. He likes to write around an event or idea and build the song from that. He has also written some music spontaneously. Styles include country, rock, folk, jazz, blues, Christian/spiritual. He's getting back to music after a career in education.

Bennett, John
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This is my 44th year of songwriting so I'd say I'm hopelessly addicted. In 1979 I was the original founder and president of the Minnesota Songwriters Association and held showcases at the old Extempore. In 1990, I also co-founded the Minnesota Association of Christian Songwriters []. I have performed in numerous concerts as a solo artist and with various bands and have produced and professionally recorded several albums. I'd be open to collaboration in any style you like, but I lean more towards pop, rock, blues and country.

Birk, Dave
member web site
Dave writes both music and lyrics and is interested in co-writing. He writes in all genres, but especially likes Power Pop.

Bjorklund, Alisha
Alisha writes country and pop songs.

Blomberg, Boyd
Member web site
Boyd is one-half of Pushing Chain, a folky-tonk duo from Minnesota’s north shore. The duo is signed with Kingswood Records.

Bowen, Kevin
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Kevin writes everything from Broadway-style musicals to pop and country. Kevin is MAS Treasurer and sits on the board of directors.

Brezina, David
David writes rock songs and sometimes other styles.

Buttell, Steve
member web site
Steve Buttell holds down the most Southeastern Minnesota outpost of MAS members, residing in Caledonia, MN. He is a songwriter, writes jingles, does voiceovers, produces projects and mentors young artists looking to get into the business. He owns Stephen B. Productions. As a songwriter, he writes for whatever the project calls for...but most of his songs for fun are in the country genre. His songs have been recorded by various artists, including Chris LeDoux on Capitol Records. Steve is a member of BMI.

Cadwell, James 
James writes Americana music, which includes Pop, Bluegrass, Folk, Rock N' Roll, Blues, Country & Novelty genres.

Cassavant, Steve
member web site
Steve performs 70s-esque folk/rock (like Beatles, Paul Simon, Gordon Lightfoot, etc.). He says he's not written much, but hopes to do a lot more with the help of his fellow MAS membersSteve performs 70s-esque folk/rock (like Beatles, Paul Simon, Gordon Lightfoot, etc.). He says he's not written much, but hopes to do a lot more with the help of his fellow MAS members.

Clomon, Carl
Carl is a creative songwriter who resides in Saint Paul, MN. He has produced recording projects and is an excellent Music Director. Carl composes Pop, R&B, and Jazz tunes, but he specializes in Gospel music. Carl has performed in concert in many local theaters.  He plays keyboards, including piano and organ. Carl is currently a student at McNally Smith College of Music, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Composition and Songwriting.

Connor, Greg
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Greg likes to write songs and experiment with all kinds of instruments. Folk, Americana, Country and Blues are usually the style. Greg likes to organize and participate in Song Challenges, (write a song using a specific word,  theme, style, phrase, etc.) and he enjoys finding people to play music with. These days he does more recording in his basement than playing out somewhere.

Dillon, Colleen
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Colleen has been a member of MAS since 2015. She says, “I have really come to enjoy meeting fellow artists. I find that everyone is very generous with their time and talents, and it's a community that is rich with resources we can tap into as we each try to grow as songwriters.” She has been a pianist since a young girl, but has only been songwriting for the last few years. She also plays the ukulele and is learning guitar. She loves the creative process and really enjoys collaborating with others. She is nearly finished with her first professional recording project, and looks forward to sharing the results with the MAS community. She also holds the office of Vice President of the organization and serves on the MAS board.

Dunse, Brad
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An independent, self-published acoustic artist whose songs target the heartstrings of listeners of all ages. His writing style lends itself to acoustic blues, folk, pop, country, Americana, some with a jazzy feel..."whatever the song demands." He is a long time monthly feature article writer for Muses Muse--an on-line songwriting E-zine, and offers a song evaluation service--just e-mail him from here. His music has been heard on Wisconsin Public Radio, National Public Radio, independent radio, Internet radio stations across the country, as well as major-market country stations with The Wall--a song honoring our Vietnam Vets. He is an ASCAP songwriter and has been member of or involved with, the Nashville Association of Songwriters International (NSAI), and former board member of MAS.

Egan, Patrick
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Patrick writes songs in multiple genres, including blues, folk, rock and pop. He's been writing for over 30 years and has only recently started to play and record his songs. He sings and plays guitar and piano.

Engelhardt, Tom
Tom is a published singer/songwriter working mostly in sub-genres of folk, including bluegrass, blues, country and western. He plays guitar and mandolin. Tom also hosts a monthly MAS song circle (open to the public) on the first Saturday of each month.

English, Barbara
Barbara writes contemporary folk and some spiritual tunes.

Paul Folwell
Paul is a gifted singer, songwriter and keyboard artist.

Frederiksen, Nancy

Goble, Vicki Morrison
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Vicki has written music in fits and starts, since sometime in college, gradually increasing in frequency until retirement, when the activity was kicked up a notch. In the 1980s Vicki and David Britton, co-wrote a variety of music, including a 20-minute piece named “Peace Cantata”, which was performed at conventions in St Cloud and Duluth. Vicki currently is learning to use her newly-established home studio for recording her work. She is interested in songwriting workshops that include ample time for evaluating original songs, and in learning opportunities to ease her struggle with recording equipment and software. Vicki writes mainly in easy listening and/or folksy styles. See examples on Sound Cloud (link above).

Goodson, Jeffery
Jeffery writes singer/songwriter, folk, rock, pop and show tunes. He is also an actor and playwright with a strong affinity for the creative process.

Granlund, Dave
member web site
Dave writes Pop and Rock music.

Grant, Jim

Grim, Mark
Member web site
Mark writes and plays acoustic folk.

Gullixson, Esther
Esther likes to write and play all types of songs.

Hackert, Korina

Hadraba, Debra
Member web site
More on Debra's style, activities and CD here.

Hamilton, Wayne
Member web site
MAS President from 2007 through 2015. Award-winning performing songwriter with three solo CDs and an EP who loves to co-write. Also enjoys writing music for media projects, jingles and Internet placement. Has an eclectic acoustic sound that offers "music with a sense of humor and southern style." Seeks out friendships with songwriters everywhere he travels. Memberships:  MAS (since 1998) Lifetime Member, ASCAP, Minnesota Music Coalition, Minnesota Blues Society, Songwriters of Wisconsin, Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association.

Hildebrandt, Tim
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Holman, Jeff
Jeff Holman is  a Twin Cities based songwriter and videographer who works in a wide range of genres. As a songwriter, he is also known as Gilley Gray.  His compositions are frequently satirical and irreverent, and likely to offend people on the political left and right, Christians and atheists, or anybody with an agenda. He has none, except writing some good tunes and having a good time.

Huber, Pat
Pat's songwriting influences include Neil Young, Jerry Jeff Walker and Tom Petty.

Huguenin, Gary
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Gary writes Americana music.

Jacobson, Brandon
Brandon is open to writing in all genres. He has several years of experience writing personally, professionally and For-Hire.

Jannusch, Felicia

Jarnstrom, Peter
Peter is new to songwriting, although he has played guitar for many years for his own enjoyment. Today he is motivated to write his own style of music based on the early 1960s up to the late 1980s popular Rock n' Roll, Blues and Country music. Peter likes to write the structure and melody of the song, but isn't so good at writing lyrics, so he would like to collaborate with other songwriters.

Johnson, Red
member web site
Red writes "Songs With Substance" and sings them from the heart. He began his musical career in the 1950s as a Singer-Songwriter, writing songs for Dave Dudley (Taxi-cab Driver), Rex Allen (The Voice) & Hank Thompson among others, as a staff writer for Tree International (now Sony) Publishing Company in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1964 he wrote a tribute song; namely, "There's a Grand Ole Opry Show Playing Somewhere" written for Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas, Hank Williams, Johnny Horton and others who were killed in a rash of plane crashes and car wrecks about that time. Red scored a hit on Capitol Records and was included in "The World Of Country Music" album, along with Glen Campbell, Wanda Jackson, Tex Ritter & 20 other stars who were Capitol recording artists at that time. Red is a member of The Rock & Country Hall of Fame, The National Traditional Hall of Fame and was Twice named Male Vocalist of the Year in the Fame Awards at the International Civic Center in Pharr, Texas. He is a Charter Member of the CMA and was featured in the Country Music Book of Who's Who in 1966 and again in 1970. He was a guest on the Renfro Valley Barn Dance in Renfro Valley, Kentucky and is a highly requested performer on "The Midwest Country Show" from Sandstone, Minnesota, where he is often featured on the RFD Channel. He recently received Star Billing at "The Branson Star Theater" in Branson, Missouri. Red writes most of the songs he performs and has recorded 10 albums, including such songs as, "Sunday Will Come again", "I'll See You In The Morning" and his highly proclaimed "Veterans Day". Red's shows include many sing-a-long songs as well as tear-jerkers, but mostly Love Songs that will have you holding hands. Be prepared to laugh a lot and cry a little, but most of all be prepared to have a GREAT time!

Kealy-Falk, Mary
Current President of MAS, Mary is dedicated to the pop genre and will incorporate jazz and blues influences when they enhance the feel of the song. She has been a working musician on and off throughout her marketing career and has recorded her songs in both Minneapolis and California.

Kinney, Tom

Klug, Peter
Peter writes Americana, Folk and Rock songs.

Koester, Kent
Kent writes in many styles, including Rock, grunge, blues, faith, folk, country and bluegrass. He started preforming professionally when he was 9 with the Northfield Boys choir, which toured America in 1976 and performed for the President in the rose garden. After moving to Wi, where he went to state solo competition and was elected alternate to the state honors Chorus. He joined a Band in 1983 and is still rocking the free world when he has a chance. Kent has completed five albums and has written more than 200 songs.

LaDage, Jillian
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Jillian writes Celtic and World music.

Lee, Linda
Linda writes music and lyrics for her acoustic folk tunes, and is interested in co-writing.

Leslie, Nancy

Loonan, Michael
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Michael Loonan is a singer/songwriter whose CD (Share the Disguise) was nominated for 'Best Pop Album in Minnesota.'  Michael performs around the Twin Cities for private, public and corporate events. He has produced a long list of TV/radio jingles, as well as documentary music for clients, including the University of Minnesota and 3M. Michael has produced CDs and demos for many local musicians and songwriters, as well as voice-over sessions. You can find him at, plus you can subscribe to Michael's Pandora Channel, 'like' Michael's Facebook Music Page, 'follow' Michael on Twitter and 'subscribe' to Michael's YouTube page. He's a proud, long-time member of MAS!

Picture of Michael

Lynch, Rodney
Member web site
Rodney works in a duo with MAS member Matt Potts. Rodney Lynch and Matt Potts have been writing songs together since they first met in the early 1990s.

McKee-Perry, Leslee
Leslee is a seasoned performing songwriter, with accolades for both her live and studio performances. She can currently be seen singing and playing harmonica for the “Roxxy Hall Band” an all-woman horn band that plays monthly at a popular St Paul venue.  Leslee is also working on a new original acoustic studio project with partner John under the name Life As We Know It.

McNerlin, Catherine
Member since May 2013. A talented lyricist and composer, Cat’s songs cover a wide array of styles ranging from show tunes, country ballads, Christian choral pieces to solo piano music. Happy to co-write with other songwriters and always keen to compose for those singers and musicians who love the spotlight.

Martin, Joanne

Millaway, Douglas
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Gackle Trucker Band
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Doug Millaway performs under the stage name Virgil Trucker. He is immediate past President of Avon Area Arts ( Doug has been writing and recording music since the early days of home recording using a Tascam 4-track Recorder synced to an Atari 1040st computer. His home studio, called Blind Owl Studios, has recorded many musicians throughout the years, including his collaborative international Jazz Fusion group called Third Level Project. Currently, Doug is performing and writing as part of two collaborations. The Gackle Trucker Band is a folk/humor endeavor that has a plethora of material that keeps listeners smiling with quirky looks at everyday life. His partner in that project is MAS member Greg Sanders from Sabin, MN (aka Cleveland Gackle). The latest project is with Jake Hagedorn (aka Jake Braking), who is nearly thirty years younger than Millaway. Together, they form BrakeAway, and write and record a wide range of material spanning Bluegrass to Bossa Nova to alternative folk and rock. They recently released Big Surprise, and are well on their way to completing their next CD.

Miller, Jacson
Jacson writes acoustic rock music.

Muscovitz, Bob

Nordby, Ruby
member web site
Ruby writes piano-based originals in the soft-rock spectrum. She says, "I don't fit into any specific genre; I like them all!"

Simone Overskei

Painter, Trish
Trish likes writing songs about life, living, nature and dogs.

Pascoe, Ray
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Ray's primary instrument is the 12-string guitar. He uses it to write folk and country tunes. His songs span 35 years of life experiences and observations in real life, as well as life in virtual worlds.

Pentz, Ron
Ron writes Pop tunes, ballads and piano music.

Porter, Doug
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Doug writes Pop, Funk and R&B music.

Potts, Matt
Member web site
Matt works in a duo with MAS member Rodney Lynch. Rodney Lynch and Matt Potts have been writing songs together since they first met in the early 1990s.

Raleigh, Don
Don is a Lifetime Member of MAS.

Reisch, Crosby
Crosby writes pop and folk songs.

Reisch, Terrance
"Influenced by many, including Neil Young, John Lennon, Sid Barret & Johnny Cash. Guitar/Drums are primary instruments but voice performance is a real challenge for me. Second year in MAS and while it is sometimes tough...the experience has made me a better songwriter."

Rohde, Gale

Roth, Charlie
Member web site
Charlie Roth writes songs in several genres:  Americana, Folk, Blues, Country & Celtic are all aspects of what he does. He has recorded seven CDs under his own name and two with bands he has been in. The most recent one, Oh My Stars, in 2015 got played more in the UK, Ireland and Europe than in the USA. In 2010 he released Broken Ground, which charted #6 on the Euro Americana Chart, opening the door for 5 consecutive tours of England, Scotland, Ireland and Holland in the last 5 years. A member of SESAC, Charlie makes his living as a working musician playing as much as 5 times a week and has not had a regular day job since 1981. Charlie is currently recording a new CD of mostly covers of his songwriter friends in Austin TX, which should be out in 2017.

Rothenberger, George
George is a Bluegrass and Country songwriter and performer. CD released in 2013 called "Southside of Lonesome", featuring all-original songs with Jim Cadwell, TJ Plenke, Beth Newkirk on vocals, and members of the Weasels and other great performers, including Mike Cramer and Bill Quinn. The album is a mixture of stone country, bluegrass and singer-songwriter material. George is a member of BMI and has 27 copyrighted songs, of which some/many are co-written with Jim Cadwell.

Rudquist, Michael
Member on Reverb Nation
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Co-write with Korina Hackert
Mike is presently the Secretary of MAS. A performing songwriter from Red Wing, MN, Mike writes in an Americana, pop/rock, country style. He is an ASCAP songwriter who has been featured as a finalist in several songwriting contests, including Dat Dog Jingle contest 2014, Great River Folk Festival Songwriting Contest 2013, Waggin Train Jingle Contest 2011. Featured on NBT Records “Ride the Train” compilation. Loves to co-write!

Sanders, Greg
Greg writes folk and blues tunes.

Schletty, Richard
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Performing songwriter who writes folk, folk-rock, spiritual (sacred & secular) music. Interested in co-writing. Richard serves on the MAS Board of Directors and is responsible for some post-production editing and manages distribution services for our Minnesingers CATV program. He also does double duty as MAS Technical Director.

Schmidt, Steven
member web site
Steven is an Americana/Folk Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist who has been performing & writing for more than 40 years throughout the USA.

Scott, Matthew
Matthew writes Country and Country Gospel music.

Seymour, Al

Shank, Chad
Member on YouTube
Chad is a songwriter who likes to sing and produce his own music. His style is heavily influenced by the Minneapolis sounds of Prince, Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Pop, funk, R&B with a little dance. He also loves songs like Rascal Flatts, and he's really enjoying trying to get that good. Loves the craft and process of making songs. He's on Twitter @northloopsongs

Smith, Bill
Bill writes rock, country & political tunes and especially likes ballads.

Smith, Luke
Member web site
Luke is a baritone singer-songwriter who writes pop / folk songs reminiscent of Bob Dylan, the Goo Goo Dolls, Elliot Smith and John Mayer. His lyrics arise from personal relationships and experiences. Luke writes and produces songs in his home studio, and also creates electronic music.

Spreck, Andrew
Member Web Site
Singer/songwriter Andrew Spreck digs deep into classic rock, folk rock, classic country…anything with soul and passion to deliver an inspiring blend of cover songs and original material in live performances, as well as through his two studio recordings. Andrew averages 50 live shows a year—frequently accompanied by a percussionist—with 25 original songs rotating throughout his performances and more songs than he can play in one sitting, Andrew’s set list changes with every show. Spreck is in his 25th year as a performing musician. In 2011 he transitioned from lead guitarist/lead vocalist playing in rock & blues cover bands to blossom into an outstanding solo acoustic artist. Andrew’s music celebrates a simpler time when music was honest, earthy and heart-felt.

Stauning, Brett
Brett writes and performs folk and pop songs. He is the current Outreach Director on the MAS board.

Stokes, Tom
Tom writes Christian, Praise & Worship, Gospel, Christmas, Country, Bluegrass, Reggae, Rock and American music. He plays acousic guitar, mandolin, ukulele and bass and performs in a church band. He released a Christian CD in 2005.

Strong, Don
Don Strong is a producer/writer/musician/performer and A&R developer in Pop, R&B, folk, hip hop, cinematic scores, world music and jazz. In 2016, Don produced the 16-track studio CD “Let Them Sing” for Songwriters Circle / Twin Cities. A cooperative compilation by twelve local artists, the project spans the songwriting spectrum from simple acoustic ballads to full blown rock band anthems, reggae and modern R&B. “Let Them Sing” is available locally at Songwriter Circle performances (Showcase at Dulono's-- 3rd Thursdays or Open Mic at Dunn Bros Excelsior--2nd Saturdays) or via download on iTunes. A former songwriter for Def Jam Records in New York City, Don performs regularly in our area, teaches guitar, vocal coaching and songwriting from his studio in St. Louis Park (Alteratio Creative Space) and is active as the organizer for Songwriters Circle / Twin Cities LLC, which he founded in 2014.

Subialka, Mike
Mike is a lyricist who writes country, folk, alternative and story songs. He enjoys co-writing with melody specialists.

Suess, Larry
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Singer/multi-instrumentalist who writes rock, pop, folk and alt name it, he writes it! Loves to harmonize and loves to co-write. Larry is a four-time inductee into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame.

Picture of David

Trenary, Roland
Roland's songs fall "...somewhere between Bob Dylan and Burl Ives at the all-you-can-eat buffet." In other words, ..."just the usual, only more so."

Picture of Roland

Unbehaun, Carl
Performs "folk music run amok!"  Carl is the MAS Social Media Director and serves on the Board of Directors, as well as hosting the Minnesota Homebrew radio show on Thursdays from 7 - 9 pm on KSRQ-Pioneer 90.1 in Thief River Falls, MN. He welcomes submissions of all original music. E-mail (click his name above) for more information!

Urschel, Harry
Harry writes Country, Pop and Rock songs, some of which have been published with Sire Records (Doraflo Music) and 20th Century Fox Records (Fanfare Music).

Wentersdorf, Tony
Tony writes Folk,  Country,  Bluegrass, Classic Rock, Blues, Gospel, Novelty (Humorous) and International (German) tunes. He's a folk musician & multi-instrumentalist (Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle, Harmonica, Tin Whistle, Piano). His primary Instrument is the Autoharp. He has recorded 3 tapes & 5 CDs of original songs and tunes. Tony has taught community ed classes in autoharp, guitar, banjo, harmonica & tin whistle since 1981. He hosted a monthly open stage for 20 years at Walker Methodist Church (1988-2008), and founded a club for autoharp players (Twin City Autoharpers) in 2005, which meets for monthly jams at Hennepin Avenue Methodist Church. His song "Pluto" won first place at the Walnut Valley Festival "New Song Showcase" in Winfield, Kansas in 2008. And, going back a few years, Tony won the 1993 "Bob Dylan Sound-Alike Contest" at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis.

Werner, Peter
Peter writes country, folk and Americana songs.

Whitcomb, Emily
Member web site
Emily Whitcomb is a versatile acoustic singer/songwriter currently based in Rochester, MN. Her songs range in subject from love & life lessons to breast cancer awareness & foster-parent appreciation. She has found success in numerous national and international songwriting competitions, resulting in her songs being featured in several ad campaigns and children's musical productions, as well as on the special features section of the Footloose (2011) Blu-ray.

Williams, Rick
Rick writes Blues, Country and Rock music and even some rap. He is an International poet and plays harmonica.

Wolff, Kim
Member Web Site
Kimberly Wolff has been performing, singing and writing songs together with her husband, Steve, for the last twelve years. Individually and together, the couple has played in various bands around the Twin Cities - and these days they write and record in their home studio in Eagan, MN and perform as a husband and wife acoustic duo.

Wolff, Steve
Member Web Site
Writes and performs Acoustic Folk-Rock, Country & Roots Music. Records in his 16-track home studio.

Picture of Steve

Wright, Emily
Member Web Site
Emily writes folk songs and songs of faith.

Ynigues, Al
member web site:
Al is a Music Teacher, Composer, Arranger, Recording Producer, Performer, Luthier, Public Speaker and Business Owner. He has successfully taught all the styles of Voice, Songwriting, Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Mandolin, Percussion, Drums and most fretted instruments to hundreds of people since 1960. He has composed scores for films and original orchestrations for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, U.S.C. Orchestra, U.C.L.A. Orchestra, along with writing radio commercials and original songs. Al has performed with such famous musical giants as Stan Kenton, Duke Ellington, Buddy Rich, Count Basie and Kris Kristofferson, just to name a few. On the MAS board, Al serves as Showcase Director.